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    $14.66  24 Boxes

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If you are looking for Cracker Jacks we have it. The cracker jack bags are the best value which are at about $0.38 per bag and are also larger than the traditional boxes. Each bag is 1.25 oz. and the boxes are 1 oz. Cracker Jack boxes that are $0.61 per box. Some are saying the boxes have been discontinued. This is not true they are just hard to get. We have also noticed there is some other online companies who sell this same item at a higher price and are indicating their cracker jack boxes are the original size and that other companies selling this item cheaper is a different box and smaller? Simply not true. There is only one size that we know of, and that is the one ounce boxes. Each box is 2 3/4" w x 6"T x 1"w.

We buy and sell in large quantities which is why we are cheaper than everyone else. Pallet size orders receive even deeper discounts and great rates on freight. Call now!

Are you having a Baseball themed event? Look for a link to baseball related items when ordering cracker jacks popcorn. From there you will finds items like peanuts, big league chew and other candy items. If your buying for a little league organization call us for suggestions and to be set up on a better pricing level. 

Nationwide Candy also offers larger bag size options and some newly released Cracker Jack products like Cracker Jack'd.

When clicking any of the links above, or any of the photos you will be redirected to Nationwide Candy an online wholesaler of various candy and other products.